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Swiss Golfer

Swiss Golfer is a brand of high-quality Swiss wristwatches. Its history goes back to the 1970s, when it was developed within the Swiss watch manufacturing company ITRACO Montres Itraco Cie SA (or Itraco Watch Co. Ltd.) which was very well-known in the 1970s-1990s.

As for Swiss Golfer, we are specializing in manufacturing fine time-pieces used mainly as corporate souvenirs.
With the finest materials and the most accurate movements used, the Swiss Golfer watches are fully respecting the genuine Swiss watch quality tradition.

At the same time the Swiss Golfer’s mission is to personalize business souvenirs and corporate gifts, therefore, our watches are distinguished by modern design, wide range of watch bands available in numerous colors and materials, every season we re-launch a new range of watches (however, Swiss Golfer is not focused on mass production, and the new watch collections usually contain a limited number of models). And of course the main scent of uniqueness is brought to our watches by our customers themselves who may directly participate in the design of ordered watches.

Swiss Golfer does not aim to produce glamorous overpriced watches and develop constantly changing models to trace the rapidly shifting trends, but rather offers “watches for life” which will be highly appreciated by your business partners as comfortable, high-quality and fitting all life styles and occasions time-pieces.

Apart from producing watches under own brand, Swiss Golfer is also an official distributor of a well-known Swiss watch company Zeno Watch Basel.

We are ready to assist our customers in all their queries and questions and we are quite flexible in the financial terms of ordering. We are really looking forward to our fruitful cooperation.

Peter Kaempffer